Wild One
You told me you had your private spots all over school; checked you out from head to toe, and I began to drool.

You thought you were badass because you like to drink saki; I said that won’t do at all, I demand bukkake !

‘cause I’m a wild one; oh yeah I’m a wild one.
Gonna keep on strokin’, baby, gonna keep on tokin’, baby;
Don’t you cramp my style; I’m a real wild child.

You deepthroat me, and I cum on your shirt;
I know your throat is swollen and I know its gonna hurt.

I’m gonna move on down, and lick you real good;
gonna lick your lips and then I’m gonna lick your hood.


Your friends all smiled, when they looked at you.
What are those stains on your shirt, Sue?
Don’t worry at all; they’ve got ‘em too !