Underutilized (The Forgotten Man)
I should be doing so much more
with my life.
I need to be making, much more than this,
to be able to afford a wife !

I have abilities and I have will,
and its all, going, to waste.
Because I don't fit, some douschbag,
human resource officer's taste !

(Underutilized !)
I have skills, but they are being...
(Underutilized !)
I have potential, but it is being...
(Underutilized !)
I have credentials, but they are being...
(Underutilized !)
I guess we'll see, just what society, has in store for me,
if, if anything !

I've paid my dues, I've put in my time,
all I want is a shot !
But it seems to me, I am the worker,
society forgot !

It appears, who gets the chances,
its all the luck of the draw.
I always seem to be, drawing,
the shortest end of the straw.


Why am I always wallowing,
in such futility?
I'm a smart guy, I should be more,
than the rabble of society !