I Hate Standing Ovations !
You think you're better than me?
Well not as far as I can see !
You're about to blaspheme !
You can suck on anal cream !

I don't care if you can sing !
I don't care if you can play !
I don't care what, your speech is about,
just go the fuck away !

I hate standing ovations !
It's a stupid sensation !
It's a stupid tradition !
This is not a religion !
I hate standing ovations !

I'm not gonna kiss your ass !
If you're a lady or a lass !
You're not worthy of my praise !
I'd rather be a cow and graze !

You are not a prophet, man !
You are not a deity !
I'm not gonna worship you !
You need to learn humility !



I was once the only person, in an entire auditorium,
who didn't stand and applaud for some self-righteous dickhead !
I didn't rise, didn't even clap, just sat there inert,
unresponsive, like a bump on a log !

I hate standing ovations !