Bake me a Cake !
I've saved up; I've worked hard; I built this business up from scratch.
And now I am vulnerable, because, you deploy a sordid scheme that you hatch.

You and your rapacious lawyer, all that I have, you try to snatch;
I'd like to kidnap you both, douse you with gas, and then light a match !

Bake me a cake ! Bake me a cake !
Your life, over the coals I will rake.
Bake me a cake ! Bake me a cake !
All of your earthly possessions, I'll take.

I have a social experiment, I'd like to see, really, attempted;
I'll go bankrupt anyway, only rich folks seem to be exempted.

I want a boycott; everyone ignore your lawsuits for a week;
who cares how you that feel you were wronged? Damn, the damages that you seek !

Bake me a cake ! Bake me a cake !
I've got you now; my grip you can't shake.
Bake me a cake ! Bake me a cake !
All of my grievances, are fake.

I have a special request for you, Mr. Gay Owner of this bakery;
I want a wedding cake, with an ornament, on top, done specifically.

I want 2 couples, gay and straight, the gay couple holding hands;
The straight couple, both wielding blades, ready for distant lands.


The straight man plunging his knife in the center, of homo 1's guts;
the wife holds her knife lower, and simulates cutting off number 2's nuts.

You are aghast; you are just shocked; you refuse to comply !
So I sue you, for all that you're worth; this is discrimination- cry !