American Bitchslap
You’d never understand !
I could tell you, but you’d never understand;
I try to explain, to anyone in the land.

Unprecedented, at least as far, as anything I’d seen, anywhere.
No one told me; I hadn’t a clue, I didn’t have even a prayer.

I don’t make believe; I am not lying, I just call it as I see it;
Sugar and spice, and everything nice? Don’t you believe it!

Bridge- this is what you push me to…
Bitchslap, bitchslap; what you get, when I get laughed at.
Bitchslap, bitchslap; you know, I’m about to snap.
Bitchslap, bitchslap; I can’t endure any more crap.
Bitchslap; bitchslap; An all-American bitchslap !

I try to reveal, but in return, I get confounded stares;
when I disclose, they are not so innocent, all I get are glares.

Even by the, age of 14, no one for a second prepared me;
What I’d endure, the venom so pure, so sickening that it scared me !

What they embark on, when a pack of them, identifies their prey;
The genesis of my psychosis, it haunts me still to this day.


Raising my hand up oh how you tremble,
comes down at the evil you assemble.

My shaking backhand makes you go run scared,
from now on your deceit should be declared.