Who Let the Fags Out ?
When the country was young, there was no humpin', (yippi-hi-yo)
no one had, anytime for desire. (yippi-hi-yo)
The very sight, of a sodomite sent you jumpin,
There were no, islands made of fire.

Back in the day, society had a system, (yippi-hi-yo)
Men were behind, girls were on hands and knees.
Men at some point, men started eying their doggies,
The dogs were terrified, and so were their fleas.

Who let the fags out ? (Who, who, who, who?)

A homo, needs a bone, in his butthole,
to live in San Francisco.
So get back homo, get home home,
you AIDS infested homo.

It is very odd when a man loves a hampster,
this has a very, odd ring.
To march in a parade, in your pampers,
what kind of respect will this bring?



The butt pirate navy is sailin' up the coast,
searchin' for the rectums that they want most.
Orchestrating their pride parade,
New York City is where they stayed !

Napolean used, artillery,
for crowd control, oh how silly.
Today, would that be so wrong?
Back in the closet where they belong !