Scarborough Rapist (White Collar Mask)
You are a lady,
and you're at the bus stop;
planning your weekend, oh where to shop,
but its oh so late,
alone? That's a mistake.

He's an accountant,
no one suspects a thing;
He has a fiance, he just gave her a ring;
but he still has a need;
a fierce, sexual greed.

He attacks !
From behind, his white collar mask.
Morals, he totally, oh he lacks. He hides behind, his white collar mask.
And he's aiming, for your, hole.

A whole township,
it was terrified;
there was a taskforce,
their agents all spied, but they were denied;
no matter how hard they tried.

There was another,
he had a sister-in-law.
She was 15, she was all he saw,
and he raped her too.
What are you gonna do ?


He finally wanted a sex slave so, he kidnapped a girl, with the help of his dear wife.
After raping her, he used a chainsaw, and dismembered her entire life !

He sunk the pieces, in concrete blocks, and threw them all into a lake.
But the water was far too shallow, this was his greatest mistake !