I Wanna Run an Abortion Clinic
When I was a kid,
many adults asked me,
what I wanna be when I grow up?
Answer I did.

My friends wanted to play,
Pro Football, that, was their dream;
catch a touchdown in the Super Bowl,
hear the crowd scream.

I visited the guidance counselor,
she was perplexed;
and this wasn't even because,
I solicited her for sex.

Do you wanna be a doctor,
and cure many a disease ?
I wanna run an abortion clinic;
can, I, please ?

And then college;
you have to pick a major son,
or join the army and pick up a gun,
what knowledge.

Do you wanna work for a not-for-profit?
So many charities;
not really, no, I just wanna
kill babies !

Would you like to, invest in
my company, selling chocolate penises ?
Only if it involves,
ex-terminating fetuses !

Do you wanna be a doctor, and cure many a disease?
I wanna open abortion clinics, in many communities !

I wanna pass out coupons and advertise on T.V. !
I wanna franchise, far and wide, oh, my, woopee !
I wanna have 2 for 1 specials, every week !
And I'll thank every customer, with a peck on the cheek.

I've never been one, to be a cynic; I wanna run an abortion clinic !