Gold Digger, Grave Digger
After many years, of wedded bliss,
you come to me, and you tell me this !

Your voice, not even a little bit hoarse,
you tell me that you want a divorce !

You didn't scream, and you didn't shout,
this simply, isn't, working out.

I've got a lawyer; I'll see you in court;
he is your prostitute, your escort !

(Gold Digger !)
You'll earn every penny you get !
(Grave Digger !)
Get what you can, before you split !

Demand my house, and demand my car;
you can never, ever go too far.

This is just business, you understand;
as you perjure yourself on the witness stand.

And in addition, here's alimony?
Can't you get a job, and stop bugging me !

You stole my manhood, oh you did procure it;
But now you will see, that you will endure it !

(Gold Digger !)
Get each morsel, and every bit !
(Grave Digger !)
This activity, keeps you so fit !

I kidnapped you and your lawyer at gunpoint and took you to a secluded location;
You wanted a new life, now you will get it, here you'll meet your, subsequent destination.

I stripped both of you naked, just like you did to me; how does it feel ?
You really earned, your paycheck today; here's what I offer, as my final deal.

I toss you both, a shovel and demand, you dig a 2-person grave;
but first, sodomize each other with them; this, is how, you learn to behave !

Here are all of my assets, they are all listed here in this shiny packet;
Finally, I riddle both of your torsos with many a full, metal, jacket !