Feasting the Beast 
He was born,
in the earliest ashes,
of his adolescence,
and scorn.
A tadpole of evil,
from his safe childhood and nurturing,
he was torn.

He was fed,
not with acceptance,
but of rejection, instead.
The earliest seeds of revenge,
were now in his head.

You feast the beast, you feed him,
you gorge him, and he'll grow;
and when its finally, set free,
society will say 'No' !

Nobody knew,
inside a cocoon,
of normality, there he grew.
All that reached him was,
mockery, and denial too !

This bizarre beast,
how he grows,
the chemical alteration,
under your nose.
The transformation is fully complete,
right down to his ugly toes !


Finally, the naked, clawed and long fanged, monster bursts forth from his shell;
and unleashed onto, an unsuspecting world, the embodiment of hell !
The holes that he punctures, the gaping wounds too, your teeth, prepare, to grit;
mock him just once, at home in his closet, does he have a bullet, with your name on it ?

But you feast the beast,
I wouldn't, for your sake.
You prod him, at your own risk,
your soul, he just may break !