The Pigging Ceremony 2: The Spitroast
Welcome back Officer, I see you're at mid-career.
You've arrested and ruined many lives, oh dear.

Any excuse you can find to rob your fellow citizens;
How about a no-seatbelt trap, for all the denizens.

Time to remind you, you're nothing more than a pig;
When I'm done with you this time, your own grave you will want to dig !

Squeal ! Squeal !
A thousand laws on the books, all you need is to break one;
Squeal ! Squeal !
Once your name is in the system, you are damned and done !

You're just doing your job, wasn't that what Nazis said?
Terrorize your own citizens, do you enjoy the dread ?

Then as I fork over my cash, lecture me !
As I give you my license, in your face I should pee;

Time to remind you, you are a mere civil servant;
What I have in store for you, you certainly deserve it !


We have planned for you after this kidnapping, a luau;
I think this would be more appropriate than a powwow.

Guess who is the guest of honor at this celebration?
Another gay rape, your ultimate destination !

I've invited 2 recently paroled ex-felons;
They will do some exploring, but not quite like Magellan !

You on all fours, a man behind and in front, a toast?
You are now the pig in a human spitroast.