I'm Gonna Hate You Forever
A very first foray, into romance, into dating, into relations with the opposite sex;
nothing new for you, for in your wake, a junkyard of hearts, how many burned out wrecks?

You were evasive, like bobbing apples, you couldn't be pinned down;
there were so many, awesome establishments, I wanted to, show you the whole town.

but now this is all I promise to you,
I'm gonna hate you forever.
And I swear an oath in blood to you;
your bloated head, I will sever.

I followed the rules, society set, I was persistent and aggressive;
I was merely doing, my due diligence, I wasn't being obsessive.

Yet this became, a cruel game, for you- I became your toy.
I finally made, a pledge to myself- never again will you do, this to a boy.

Outro- your friends can tell by the marks on your face; I'll give you memories you can't erase.
You're gonna know, I'm gonna stalk you forever.

It took many years, but I finally caught up to you;
I'm sure you'd forgotten, but now, your abuse you will rue.

I filled a bucket, with the strongest lye, and threw it right into your face;
and as it melted, you became disfigured, a mutant, and exile from the human race.

Your husband, I gunned down, but that wasn't enough, I determined;
for you had 3 daughters, and you had 3 sons, and your deep guilt they inherited !

For your daughters, I seduced them, gave them rings of gold, them sold them into, prostitution;
for your songs, I befriended them, hooked them on junk, then they sunk into, destitution.

When you finally, ended up in an institution, I knew you were through;
and at the end, as I stood avenged, I heard even Job pitied you !