I Don't Have an Office !
I don't have a giant, fancy desk or a lavish, expense account,
I don't have a bunch of awards and a fireplace on top of which to mount !

I don't have a company car to drive on various business trips,
I don't have a bottle of kouvaziay to take many a sip !

Cause I don't have an office !
I don't have an office !
I don't have an office !
And I never will.

I don't have an office !
“ “
And now I am perched,
on my window will !

I want a personal, Asian, female masseuse to massage my feet,
I want a corporate negro to shine my shoes, and he better not cheat !

I want a personal tailor to prep all of my Versache suits,
I want a generous benefits package, with golden parachutes !

But the problem is, the problem is....

I want a personal, private, administrative secretary,
but only if she is young and hot, nobody old and scary !

She should wear high heels and make-up and miniskirts and plenty of (red) lipstick,
And on my lunchbreak, every day, she should strip and suck my dick !


I just want an office