Anti-Love Song
My boyfriend broke up with me and I'm upset,
he did me wrong !
So I will go, write “You Outta Know”,
or maybe “Since You've Been Gone.”

Worse, I will advocate murder
in my releases;
Ask Carrie Underwood or the Dixie Chicks,
as they brainwash nieces.

Why does polite society, accept such bitches ?
Don't act surprised then, when your daughters turn vicious !

Here's to You ! An anti-love song !
I give to you ! An anti-love song !
I do not write, regular love songs !
Have just one ! An anti-love song !

What do we get from male pop stars-
syrupy pure crap !
I am just a puppy,
let me come and sit in your lap !

Bruno Mars announces, please, please,
let me kiss your ass;
I will do anything for you-
just come and piss on my grass.

These are the, atrocities, society hails !
Don't be surprised when your sons, become Beta Males !


Shall we attempt, a social experiment ?
Garth Brooks, write a single where YOU lament !

Instead of acting like an, overweight, sterilized, eunuch,
Have the wronged husband, kill his wife ! While, wearing a tunic.