American Massacre
Just a few matras, I’ll leave you with, as I find my time winding down;
I will not be the toast, but rather the terror of this town.

Missy, if you are intent, to deny me life, here’s how I respond;
I will deny you life in return, with your essence I will abscond.

Massacre ! Massacre !
Bullet right through your brain !
So much to say, yet, all that they’ll say is, I’m insane.
Massacre ! Massacre !
Before I make some sort of statement,
how long can I refrain?

If I cannot find a decent female, to live with,
I will find many indecent females to die with.

Finally, I find that if I cannot make a decent living;
then I will turn, to be successful, I will make a killing.



My fury isn’t directed inwards, it is outwards and at many;
so many worthy recipients; there are targets aplenty.

I will do, the best that I can- before I am fully grown;
there is one thing I can guarantee- I will not die, alone.

We’ll see who’s winning, when this is all over, we’ll see who gets the last laugh;
It is just possible, I will be grinning, in the midst of a bloodbath!