There I am at 12 years old,
you’ll fall in love or so I was told,
A young, virgin forest with dew,
boundless opportunity's all I knew.

13 the struggle's broken out,
merriment, laughter, many a shout,
Victorious comrades that I had;
but the experience only left me sad.

Welcome to the Wasteland, be sure to wear a protective mask,
Welcome to the Wasteland, be sure to bring a big whiskey flask.
Beware, here's the Wasteland, the poison in the air lingers on.
Before you's the Wasteland, it killed a harmless, innocen fawn.

There I am at 15,
and I'm still struggling on the scene,
Bombers already blasted away,
already many defeats by this day.

16 a stalemate where do I stand ?
I’m in the midst of no man’s land.
My highly touted army's pinned down;
bombs going off, and craters all around.


19, starting all over again;
oasis ? no, it’s a lions den.
Glory of war an often told lie,
thrill of victory and conquest denied.

There I am at 21;
I am wondering, where is the fun ?
My mangled youth strewn across the field;
what did this arduous decade war yield ?

Long gone, the wasteland- dotted with many failed campaigns;
Long gone, the wasteland- I glance back and sneer in disdain.
Behind me's the wasteland- nothing it seems could ever live here;
Far off lies the wasteland- I can not look back on it without a tear.