Golden Boy, Golden Touch
He is a god: he exists above the clouds in the sky;
I am sod: I am the mud that you spit on as you walk by.

He is acclaimed: everyone in the area knows his name;
I am lame: I am never the hero of any game.

Golden boy, with the golden touch;
he stands tall ‘cause I am his crutch.
He never seems to realize;
he needs me for all to despise.

He is adored: people gravitate to him, ‘cause he is magnetic;
I am abhorred: no one will celebrate me, ‘cause I am pathetic.

Oh but character: if conflict builds this, then he must have none.
A barrier? This is a long road, and this race, has just begun.

The sky opened wide and he descended down from a stairwell constructed of gold; summoned from the depths of the galleon ships and into slavery I was sold.

He has never had to face the trials of adversity;
what happens when, he fails the first time? Life will not always be this easy.

I have already been through the gauntlet- I have faced a tribulation;
I have seen failure, many  times- I know well the sensation.

So we will see !