Freshly Fried-Up Girl
You 5 came into the restaurant, in the late afternoon; I never thought I would get my revenge this soon.

5 cheerleaders, over all of you I used to swoon; in return, how you made me into a buffoon.

Jenny, you have a phone call, in the back, please take it; you will be the entrée and the main course, now I’ll make it.

Strangled in a few moments, this is me at my peek; it is a good thing, that this restaurant is Greek!

Here’s a new dish, gut you like a fish;
here’s freshly fried-up girl.
You ‘ll be delicious, and even nutritious;
 it's freshly friend up girl.

Here is the salad, Kelly speaks up, are these hard-boiled eggs? I cannot tell her, these are Jen’s eyeballs, better than crab legs.

Next up are the finger sandwiches- these were a big hit; is this seafood? No, it’s Jen’s brains- pretty soon I’ll have to split.

Hey, where is Jen? Do not worry- she had diarrhea; she is sleeping it off in my office- she had some bad sangria.

Next up is our specialty- I offer it for free; it is a stew, with Jen’s butt chopped into it- she used to shake it with glee.


Finally, here is the main course- a meal with all of the fixins; heart, lungs, also the kidneys, offered to all of you vixens.

Then you ordered, the top shelf, our very best wine; half was Merlot, the rest Jen’s blood, this is top of the line.

All of you were, so full and so happy- then I delivered the bill; a picture of me, chopping up Jen, put this on your window sill !