Betrayal #2: 1965
A nation is an ecosystem that must be maintained;
an ethnic ecosystem that takes work to sustain.

It takes diligence to keep equilibrium;
Perhaps an immigration moratorium.

1965, let Phase 2 of a nation's betrayal commence !
Forcing oil and water together,
how does this make any sense?

A nation's health is based on its ability to maintain homeostasis;
this is nothing new, every country, must face this.

Building a nation from scratch is no small task;
idealism and reality collided at last !


In 1965 two Judases did emerge;
upon a sordid destiny they did converge.

2 stooges, Celler and Hart proposed legislation;
to erode what had been a backbone, a foundation.

Just like an anti-Christ, they lied to the people;
they promised this would be just a minor wrinkle.

By way of their treachery they changed a land forever;
along with fat Ted Kennedy, forgive them? Never !


J.F.K. Said the nation had become an embarrassment;
such bigotry is his cross to bear, now isn't it?