Valley of the Lepers
You always thought, that they were powerless- you couldn’t be more wrong ! Once upon a time way back when, but now they know, how to be strong.

You think that your, fists are invincible- they’re no match for what they bring; how they connive, fabulous lies- listen to how they sing !

Welcome, to the Valley, of the Lepers, I told you:
they’re, criminals, they don’t obey laws.
Beware, young man, cause you are in danger,
just, confront them, and out come the claws !

Get in their way- get on their bad side, and you are fucked: you have no idea; you will become, a pariah: might as well move to Korea.

Just beneath, their blushing lashes, and their innocent smiles; lies the most rancid, and putrid, sickening essences- I want trials !



Do not forget, poor Odysseus and his run-in with the Sirens; you must be, on guard at all times, or end up in a pit of lions.

So let this be, a warning, to any young lad who’s naïve; there are hazards aplenty and pitfalls- more than you could conceive.

Before you, embark on your journey, one that will be co-ed; you know that you cannot trust any- just one slip-up: you’d be better off dead !