I Raped a Nun
Went into church one day to,
confess my sins.
More like to proclaim them,
here's where it begins.

I saw a nun and then I
found myself erect.
She had no idea of just,
what to expect !

I raped a nun; I did it, I admit it, and it was fun !
And once again, goodness has lost, Satan has won.

She looked like she was just out
of seminary.
I'm sure that her behavior
was exemplary !

I approached her and asked if my soul,
she could save.
Meanwhile I was planning on
making her my sex slave.


I used the rosary as
anal beads.
And in her, confusion,
I sowed the seeds.

I used a crucifix as
a dildo.
And I changed this chaste virgin,
into a ho !


Oh my, oh my.