Hail Sulla
Born in the eternal city of Rome,
this was his cherished, ancestral home,
he would rule !

His, the renowned, yet impoverished family Cornelli;
a dissolute youth, spent with actors, prostitutes and mimes,
and fools !

To enter the Senate, he sacrificed his stepmother and his mistress;
and inherited their fortunes, to reclaim his birthright, he would witness;
he'd do anything !

He married the youngest Julii, but he still needed a sponsor;
so he attached himself, to the great Marius, no longer would he wander;
onto the brass ring !

Still to this day, I say all hail Sulla !
Full name- Lucius Cornelius Sulla !
Fortune's favorite, first man in Rome;
and in time, his brilliance shown,
and his wickedness !

In North Africa, he single-handedly captured Jugurtha, the renegade;
this brought the war, to a swift conclusion, it was a daring raid;
he was cheered !

Next he followed Marius up to the Alps, to defend the Empire from the Germans;
a massive, multi-year effort to oppose 750,000 barbarians;
fate was near.

Then the Italian Allies revolted; the Social War had begun;
Sulla had to steal his commands and his armies; tales were spun;
he was feared !

At the Battle of Nola, Sulla won the Grass Crown, Rome's highest honor;
the goddess Fortune was now backing Sulla; nothing could stop her;
our man was revered !


Elected consul, he marched East, but Marius tried to steal his command;
so Sulla took his army and marched on Rome, to take a stand;
this was unprecedented !

Battle raged in the streets, he suppressed the revolt, and again to the East;
there the people of Athens mocked him, and they provoked the beast;
he ransacked it !

Only after the streets of the city flowed red with blood, he moved forth;
he achieved, 2 huge victories, against Mithridates, up north;
done, he went.

Back to Rome, to settle the chaos, he left Lucullus in charge.
He landed at Brundisium, and into Italy he would barge;
he was hell-bent.
He acquired allies, Pompey and Crassus, and proceeded to civil war;
then he trounced, Cinna and young Marius, order he restored;
Rome understood.

To replenish, the government coffers, and punish his adversaries;
he invented, the tool of prescriptions;
a demented Robin Hood.