Feeling the Impulse
When I lie in bed at night, a number of fantasies course through my head; when I was younger, these were all sexual, but as of late, they involve death instead.

So long ago, I was a Viking marauder, or a fighter pilot, like Maverick; but they would all, conclude the same way- a naked woman in my arms, and sucking my dick.

But as my, fury increased, my libido slowly faded; this will occur when you’re always irate, and you become jaded.

I feel the urge to kill, about every day;
aggravate me, and I can’t guarantee you won’t pay.
An unstable man you’re confronting, so be notified;
scorn me, you’ll pay, and to me, it will be, justified.

Now I dream of leading a rogue army into town; and ordering a pogrom of rapes, and torture and then burning it right down !

As I imagine, I feel a rush of a warm and peaceful feeling; as I stand in the midst of the chaos, I send society reeling.

I also dream, of capturing, a fully armed nuclear sub; and launching dozens of nuclear warheads, at every population hub.


1.To carve into them and rip out their organs and to crush them right there in my hand;
To rip off her ribs and crush her heart as it lays in her chest, is that so hard to understand?

2.To sink a chainsaw deep into that area between the neck and the shoulder and saw all the way through;
I would be in such ecstasy if I would be allowed to.

3.To run the teeth of my buck-knife across her throat as the blood splurts and covers my face;
these are the images that absorb my mindset, and they will not erase.

4.The thought of driving a sharpened axe through a skull it is such a release;
A masturbatory physical surge at their pain and it just will not cease.

5. A danger to himself, and everyone else, or so the psychiatrist said; but if he continues on grilling me, I may have to blow off his head.

6. I know it’s possible- it is just possible, that one day I just may break; I just may act on my physical urge- to betray me would be a grave mistake.