Just imagine, the news today, the dream that it could be objective;
that would require just too much integrity, and a much broader perspective;

Now Jimmy Snivel, he likes to eat kibble,
and bark just like, the lapdog he is !
He is a lapdog of the DNC,
I, will fill, his mouth with my jizz !

Then there is Seth Meyers, next to join the choir,
he has the look of a sick pedophile.
He has boys waiting in his make-up room,
ready to fondle, behind that smirk of a smile.

We will stand tall, in Spring or in Fall,
Cause 'We, are all, Deplorables !'
I, guess we, can thank Hilary,
cause 'We, are all, Deplorables !'

There is Steve Colbert, who acts like he, 
just returned from a junior high school, panty raid.
This would be funny if he were still 20, but
you are 60 ! Drink some lemonade ! 

Next is Chris Cuomo, built like the Duomo,
he, has blood in his eyes;
the look of a psychopath,
just another dufus to despise.

Lastly is Bill Maher, the sickest by far,
appearing as a frazzled Jewish grandmother;
Exasperated, perhaps constipated,
as if her grandson, just tried his first joint, then another !