When I collapse inside I have to run away;
I’d like to stay and fight but my friends, all have gone astray.

I tried to lead; I tried to be, everything;
But I did not anticipate the pain it would bring.

Bridge- cause I’ve been
Crucified !
And I’m nailed onto this wooden cross of despair.
Crucified !
And I cannot look to the future see what it bears.

I cannot stand alone anymore, but I fear I must;
Suspicion in, sedition surrounds me; who can I trust?

A pronounced, supposed former supporter, tore me to the bone;
Befuddled, I stumbled off in the distance, all on my own !


My web of support, my noteworthy network,
all dissolved amidst cries.
Really a spider web meant to ensnare me;
they were all lies.

Crucified !