American Suicide
You can say, whatever you want,
about the Arabs, of the Middle East.
They would never, elect an Anglo,
to rule over them, at least.

They'd never allow, a non-Muslim,
to hold sway over them;
When a foreigner makes your decisions,
this only leads, to a problem !

(Suicide !)
This nation, in appears, is committed to,
(Suicide !)
So long,
representative democracy,
hello Suicide !

He doesn't care, about white folks,
he has his own, agenda and cause.
Is this what it took, to sooth your white guilt,
do you really expect applause ?

This is a man, who spent his youth,
being brainwashed, in a madrassa.
Don't be surprised, if he imports,
the whole contents, of Kinshasa !


This is what you get,
when you elect,
an anorexic Ethiopian.
He said he wants to fundamentally
change what it means to be an American !

Even a vampire,
knows better,
than to kill his own kind.
Your grandkids,
will piss on your graves,
unless you develop a spine !